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November 29th, 2011

Hello David

I passed my Security+ SYO-201 exam yesterday and I wanted to thank you for your support and for writing such a great book!
I used only your Security+ Cert Guide book and study materials and came out with a respectable score of 813 (on the mysterious 100-900 scale!)

Best wishes

November 9th, 2011

Mr. Prowse,

I am happy to inform you that I am now officially Comptia A+ certified. I was able to schedule the 701 exam yesterday and the 702 exam today and passed. I want to thank you again for all of the help you have given me, you were a tremendous help. I was wondering though, if you write any books pertaining to the Comptia Security+ or Network+ exams? I will probably take some classes over these tests but I would like to read from any material you produce.

Thank you again.


October 5th, 2011

I went for the A+ 701/702 exams after some (inadequate) online training. Passed one, failed the other. David Prowse's A+ Cert Guide is definitely the way to go. Retook the 702 and passed, and now going for my CCE cert. Thanks for your help, David!


August 29th, 2011

Sup Dave,

After reading your A+ book I took the exam today and passed both. Just wanted to say thanks for writing such a good book, money well worth it.... .... I hate these books that use overly fluffy language that seems to be done only to fulfill a specific page amount. So you get these overly long paragraphs when you could easily specify a point in a shorter sentence. Which is why I really like your book, it's no BS, to the point and tells you exactly what you need to know without all this overly verbose crap and doesn't sound like someone is regurgitating information from a really technical document. Bottom line, your to the point "conversation style" of writing made it easy for me to stay focused without getting bored with the material. Well done good sir.

I will also write an Amazon review to help your rating (under a different name but you'll know its me). Anyways you are a great teacher and the book was well worth the money. Thanks again and god bless.


July 25th, 2011


Just passed (the Security+) with an 837


June 5th, 2011

Hi Mr. Prowse! I passed the A+, both exams. thanks for all your help!

James B.

May 13th, 2011

Professor Prowse,

I just got A+ certified thanks to your book. I sincerely appreciate all of the help you gave me on your website and I hope I wasn't a bother will all my questions. Next is Network+! Thanks again!

Sarah R.

Feb 27th, 2011

Passed the Network+ - 865 score. Your Video Mentor was great!



I just wanted to say thanks for your new "easy to read" CompTIA Security+ SYO-201 book. I bought your new book on Friday 12/10/10. Read the book cover to cover on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And I passed my exam today 12/14/10 with an 884 out of 900.

Thanks for the great writing, I am usually sleeping after the first couple of pages of other tech books I read. Good sense of humor too, kept me from being bored at 3am.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to pass the current Security+ 2008 exam. BTW I didn't use any other material to study except reading this book, answering the questions at the end of each chapter and the practices test at the end of the book and watching the videos on the DVD that comes with the book.

To everyone else who reads this, I'm sure you think that I'm going a bit overboard. But I never thought I could pass this test after only 3 days of studying!

Thanks again,

Hello David,

Just wanted to say that buying your book was the best idea that I could have thought of. It prepared me fully for both exams, and needless to say that I was a little scared when I took the tests. But I had enough confidence in your cram sheet, advice, preparation, practice exams, and this bulletin board to conquer that bad-boy!

Although the real (practical 220-702) test was a little tricky, I was still able to do pretty good. My scores was:

Essential 220-701 - 806
Practical 220-702 - 790

I would recommend your 4th edition for anyone. Now, I don't have to worry about ever having to take this test again. Again, I say thank you again for everything!!! :)

Mr. Drez

Hi Dave,
I had promised to let you know: I passed my 702 today (701 3 weeks back). 702 was way harder than 701, but still I got 900(701)/873(702). Thanks for the book and thanks very much for the videos!

Ajh9000. :)

I passed my security plus today with 776 just stopping by to say thanks i really love your products as they have helped me get 2 of my now 3 comptia certifications so happy i made it before the deadline your books are truly life savers

Mr. Reid

220-701 my score was 830
220-702 my score was 820

Thank You for writing that book


Hello David,

Your Exam Cram A+ Fourth edition is a treasure!

Please let me briefly explain what I mean.

I just completed A+ course on line. I thought I was well prepared for taking the actual Comptia A+exam because when taking tests on my school's test simulator my score was 90%-95%.

When taking the actual Comptia A+ practical exam , I failed it. I had no words to describe my disappointment. My school on line failed to cover in their testing console a significant number of questions I encountered during taking the Comptia actual test.

Shortly later, I came across your book. Just going through a couple of pages I realized this is exactly what I needed in the first place when taking the Comptia's exam. Hand-on practical questions, concise theory combined with in-depth descriptions and tables , cram quizzes along with practice exams with explanations gave me more for four days (I had just four days before retaking the test) than 2,5 months studying on line.

I passed my Comptia” exam on December 24. Thank you so much ,Dave, for your excellent book.

I am planning to get Security or Networking certificates as well. Do you have similar guides like your A+ Exam Cram book helping students to prepare for actual Comptia tests?

Last. Some people told me that I don't need to take Networking but just Security as it covers networking anyway. What would be your advice?

Regards ,
Tom Long

Woo hoo! The main study material I used was the Fourth Edition book that you wrote, and I have to say I was afraid it wouldn't be enough. The test ended up easier than I thought it was going to be - 856 on first one and 848 on the second. I had been putting it off for years (literally) and finally kicked into gear when the "lifetime" cert status going away was announced. Excellent book, and it covered everything needed and more.

Now to get Net+ and Sec+ before the end of the month - I see that there isn't much material from you on those two so looks like I'm on my own.

Thanks for such a great book - I'm glad I read it.


I scored 846 on the 220-701 on August 20, and I scored 860 on the 220-702 on August 27. I used the 4th Ed. "A+ ExamCram" and the book it recommended to read first, "CompTIA A+ Cert Guide 220-701 220-702" for study materials. \m/:) \m/ On to preparing for Network+!


A word of thanks,

Hello Mr. Prowse,

Just a quick note to say that I recently passed my 2009 A+ exams and that I used your 4th Edition Exam Cram book as my main revision tool.

I want to thank you for compiling an excellent and easily digested book. I loved the fact that it seemed to distill the vast content into the essential knowledge required. It was also handy to have access to the errata page on this forum!

If you're interested: I scored 846 on the essentials and 827 on the practical (2009 editions). I was very pleased!

I'm studying the Network+ next and will be sure to use your material again. However, I'm happy to say that I've just secured my first IT job, so will be taking a break from studying whilst I learn the ropes!

Thanks again,

Steff Parry. (UK)


I followed your directions in the book and passed both exams today. It was the first effort...it feels good!

Thank you for your support and work.

Great book!

Just wanted to thank you for such a precise book. i passed both 701 & 702 this morning and your exam cram book was pretty much all i used. i have been working in IT for 7 years or so and felt confident about taking them both at once.

A+ Review

Hi Dave,

Ok I passed the 220-702 now also. I left a 5 star long review about this awesome book for you. Thanks.:)

Where can I place the same review on this site (if any place) to help other users know about your book? ;)


A+ and Net+ passed


Thank You! I bought your A+ Book 1 month ago... I committed to a intensive study schedule, took both exams the same day, and passed with HIGH marks.

Shortly after I finished, you released the N+ Video series. I used it along with the Sybex N+ book. This was a great combination. Your video labs provided excellent ways for me to correlate the information. Today, I passed the N+ exam!

MCSE / CCNA is next. My only regret, you have not wrote any of the manuals .

Thank you again, I highly recommend your material.


What a great book!

Hi David

I purchased your book 4 weeks ago from Amazon with a view to finally sit the CompTIA A+ exams.

I have been so nervous about sitting the exams and even though I have 7 years of experience in I.T Support since I left high school, there was so much I didn't know.

Your book was an excellent read, well layed out, perfectly explained and more importantly, the information 'sunk in'. Both your practice exams in the book and on the CD were also excellent.

I sat both the Essentials and Practical exams today (2/8/10) and passed both with flying colours. Needless to say, I was elated.

I personally wanted to say thank you to you for creating a book that helped me pass my exams!

CompTIA N+ here we come!

Kind regards

David (rafe17)

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