Note: If this is a customer service-related question (issues with product, activation code problems, etc) and not a specific question about the content in the book, please contact Pearson Tech Support first at this link.

If you have a question that is not listed here , or if you cannot resolve your problem, fill out the form at this link.


Frequently Asked Questions:

My 10% discount code for CompTIA vouchers doesn't work. How can I get the discount?

If a 10% voucher discount code that came with a book has expired, then go to this link for an updated code.

(Note: if you are a student with a valid .edu e-mail address then you may be eligible for a 50% discount - see this link for details.)

I have a problem with a disc that accompanies my book. What can I do?

If the disc (or the book for that matter) was damaged before it got to you, contact the seller, be it Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc... They have a responsibility to replace it.

I can't find the activation code for the software. Where can I get another?

First, look carefully for the code. Activation codes are written on a small piece of paper located within the insert in the back of the book. These can be easy to miss. Double check all around in case it was misplaced. If you still cannot find it, you will have to contact Pearson at this link to request another one.

I am having difficulties activating the practice test engine. How can I get it to work?

Important! In 2016 Pearson released practice tests on the Internet. You can access them by going to Pearson Test Prep. Just activate the practice exams using the code that came with your book. (Mac users rejoice! It is platform-independent because it is browser-based.)

If you are trying to install from a disc:

First, make sure that you are carefully following the directions for the practice test engine installation, and that your computer meets the listed requirements.

Next, make sure you have created an account with Pearson (at, and are signing in with it. Register your book on that site as well.

Then, if you are still having problems, check if your firewall and/or antivirus software is blocking the application.

Finally, attempt to install the latest version of the practice test engine from this link.

Contact Pearson at this link to obtain further assistance.

I bought an e-book. Where is the additional content? Practice test engine? Cram Sheet?

Electronic books (e-books) do not come with a disc. For some of my books, additional content can be downloaded - it depends on the book.

As of January of 2014, the practice test engine can be downloaded for the Kindle version of some my books (see the Amazon description) or accessed online at Pearson Test Prep. Amazon will send a link to you after your purchase describing how to get access to the practice test engine. For other e-books, the practice test engine is not available. If you don't have a Kindle account and need the practice test engine, buy the print version of the book.

For some of my e-books (for example, the Security+ Cert Guide Deluxe Edition), a portion of the other disc content (videos and simulations) can be downloaded from the Internet. To do this, you will need to register your book at this link. (Registration required.)

If you are looking for the Cram Sheet, and are reading the Kindle version, go to the Table of Contents, you will find a link to the Cram Sheet there. It will either be listed as "Cram Sheet" or simply "Exam Cram" and is often at the end of the Table of Contents. You can also use the search function on your Kindle reading device and search for the terms "Cram Sheet" or "Exam Cram". Finally, you can try simply going to the last page of the e-book and reading backwards. The Cram Sheet is usually placed at the end of the e-book, regardless of the e-platform.

I lost my disc or cram sheet, how do I get another?

Unfortunately I do not have permission to send these materials to you in any form. Your best bet is to contact Pearson at this link to request another copy. Meanwhile, keep searching around for the disc or other item that was lost, it has got to be somewhere! Remember to always make backups of your discs when you first receive them.

Depending on the book the Cram Sheet may also be located on the disc in PDF format within the "pdfs" folder.

I'm an instructor. Where can I find the instructor materials for a book?

Currently there are instructor materials for my Security+ books including an instructor guide, powerpoint presentations, and test bank. Links follow:

- Security+ Cert Guide SY0-401 (Deluxe 3rd Edition and Academic Edition) - Link to instructor materials

- Security+ Cert Guide SY0-301 Deluxe 2nd Edition - Link to instructor materials

You will have to register to the Pearson Higher Education site and may need to identify your position and the school you work for in order to gain access to these materials or to obtain review copies of books.

There are no instructor guides for the Exam Cram series of books.

If you are looking for instructor guides for other books not listed here, please contact me.

I can't access the links in the menus on this website. How can I get to those pages?

If a link isn't working, please report it to me. Let me know what browser and browser version you are using, and which link is giving you trouble. Some browsers don't like drop down menus. In the rare case of this I have supplied a directory-style site map available at this link.

Why can't I see the videos?

If a video doesn't display in your browser, feel free to contact me. I try my best to configure my videos to display on all platforms, but sometimes there might be issues with different browsers or mobile devices. Make sure your OS and browser is updated, then contact me to troubleshoot further.

This site is offered as a free service, and as such "bandwidth" is sometimes limited. Please be patient! Press F5 to refresh pages if it seems they are taking too long to display. Also, remember that videos may take several seconds to load into your browser. Don't forget that the majority of my videos use Adobe Flash, be sure that your browser has it installed (or updated). Finally, the videos are meant for high speed Internet connections (Cable, DSL, FIOS, etc...), they don't fare very well on dial-up connections.

Why don't you write more books?

I'd love to! But any good product requires time. If anyone figures out how to safely clone one self, I'm all ears! Or... I suppose I'd be 2 to the power of X ears, depending on how many clones... Good thing I don't put these kinds of thoughts into my books.

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