This thread contains any errata concerning incorrect or incomplete information in the A+ Exam Cram Practice Questions 220-901/220-902 (6th Edition). It also has some additions to the text. If you find anything in the book that you believe is incorrect, please Contact Me.

Updated 7/15/2016

Typo, Chapter 2, page 28, Quick answer key: Answer 58 should read "C", not "B". The answer and explanation on page 36 are correct.

Error, Chapter 11, page 259, (220-902 Practice Exam D), Missing Question 29: The question should read:

29. One of your customers has a defective disk. Which command can be used to extract readable information?
A. Recover
B. Replace
C. Convert

The answer and explanation listed are correct.

Error, Chapter 11, page 263, (220-902 Practice Exam D), Question 42: B and C are the same answer. No matter, they are both wrong! Bonus for you!

Error, 220-902 Bonus Exam (Disc and online only). Question 32: The word "filename" should be "file" both in the question and in the explanation.


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