This thread contains any errata concerning incorrect or incomplete information in the A+ Exam Cram Practice Questions 5th Edition. It also has some additions to the text. If you find anything in the book that you believe is incorrect, please Contact Me.

Updated 5/6/2013

For errata on the bonus exams, see the main A+ Exam Cram book errata at this link.

Clarification: Ch 2, page 8, Question 5 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-01-005): There has been some confusion as to this question. Allow me to clarify: The word "part" is ambiguous at best, and perhaps could be worded better, but it emulates the typical wording you might see on the real exam. Note that the question does not say "physical part", just "part". A process run by the computer or any component therein will often be referred to simply as "part of the computer". For example, Windows is part of the computer as a whole. Still, I have marked the question for additional review and clarification during the book's next revision. Just remember that if an exam question asks for a part, process, piece, or any other word that checks components at bootup, the answer will be POST, not BIOS.

Clarification: Ch 2, page 25, Question 92 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-01-092): "Unknown" can be removed from the question. It makes the question a bit too vague, with no best answer.

Error in explanation: Ch 2, page 32, Question 30 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-01-030): The explanation is referring to PC3-6400, not PC3-8500. This does not affect the question or the correct answer to the question.

Modification: Ch 2, page 38, Question 77 Explanation (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-01-077): The term "inverter" should not be used here. Though some people will refer to the laptop's power adapter as an inverter, that is not accurate. The fifth and sixth sentences of the explanation should read: "The AC adapter does several things including reducing voltage, and converting from AC to DC, but it does not invert the signal. However, there is an inverter in the laptop; it powers the display."

Modification: Ch 2, page 39, Question 86 explanation (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-01-086): The listed laser printing process is outdated in the explanation. To be in line with the current CompTIA A+ objectives it should be: Processing, Charging, Exposing, Developing, Transferring, Fusing, Cleaning.

Modification: Ch 3, page 60, question 90 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-02-090): The answer "External USB hard drive" would be better stated as "External USB flash drive". The last sentence of the explanation will then make a bit more sense numerically, Otherwise, the answer listed as correct is indeed correct, and the explanation is correct as well.

Modification: Ch 4, page 104, question 2 explanation (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-801-04-002): The seventh sentence of the explanation should have the words ", or 480 MB/s" omitted.

Error: Ch 7, page 132, question 15(Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-802-01-015): There is another correct answer which is Task Manager. This can also be used to start, stop, and restart services in Windows 7 and 8.

Error: Ch 10, page 262, question 48 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-802-04-048): There are two correct answers: The ability to copy NTFS permissions, and The ability to copy entire folder structures. The xcopy command can copy entire folder structures, but the copy command cannot.

Error: Ch 10, page 267, question 68 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-802-04-068): In the question, "Device Management" should say "Disk Management".

Error: Ch 10, page 274, question 91 (Test Engine: Question Id: COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-802-04-091): There is a missing link in the navigation path, making the question a bit too difficult, even for the 4th exam in the book... The improved navigation path would be:
"Start > right-click Computer, select Properties > click Change Settings > Computer Name tab > Change". It should be listed this way in the explanation as well. Within the test engine, this is question ID COMPTIA-APPQEC-220-802-04-091.

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